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Windows Communication Foundation Resource Center
Windows Communication Foundation Training Courses
MS WCF Exam #70-503 Prep Course
Training Course: “Windows Communication Foundation,” from QuickLearn. This 5-day, fee-based, instructor-led course for .NET application developers will help prepare for the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 WCF exam #70-503. The course covers the WCF architecture and the components used to build WCF distributed applications. As part of the course students will build applications with security, transactional and reliability mechanisms.
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
Training Course: “Windows Communication Foundation (WCF),” from Falafel Software. This 3-day, fee-based, instructor-led course is for people who want to learn how to design, build, configure and debug WCF services and clients. Topics include an introduction to SOA, the basics of WCF, the WCF service, the exchange pattern, service and operation contract. The data contract, addressing and bindings, hosting, the NetMnmqBinding, security, and interoperability.
Building Services with WCF
Training Course: “Building Services Using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF),” from ObjectSharp. This is a 3-day, fee-based, instructor-led course for .NET developers responsible for designing and building service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and multi-tier distributed systems using WCF. Topics covered include web services, SOA, the WCF programming model, designing messages, message exchange patterns, configuring and hosting WCF services, security, reliable sessions, session management, queued message delivery, transactions in WCF, managing WCF services, deployment, architectural styles supported by WCF, service design best practices, integration, interoperability, and extending WCF.
Practical Windows Communication Foundation
Course: Practical Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) from Oregon Health & Science University. This fee-based course covers the major WCF technology components including web services, transports, reliability, queuing, transactions, security, WCF concepts, contracts, bindings, hosting, instancing, concurrency, and error handling.
WCF: Developing SOA Applications
Training Course: "Windows Communication Foundation (WCF): Developing SOA Applications," from Learning Tree International. This 3-day, instructor-led, fee-based course covers assessing distributed system requirements, designing for flexible computing, creating and consuming a service, building a service, hosting and configuring a service, creating a client, passing data between applications, implementing a web services interoperability, specialized message handling, ensuring message privacy, tracking messages, guaranteeing message delivery, building transactional services, improving reliability and scalability with queues, building a secure service, enforcing security for external users, configuring WCF applications with administrative tools, extending the service with behaviors, and leveraging configuration tools.
Essential Windows Communication Foundation
Training Course: "Essential Windows Communication Foundation," from Developmentor. This 4-day fee-based, instructor-led course covers the WCF architecture, channels, bindings, messages, serialization, contracts, faults, callbacks, behaviors, hosting, diagnostics, secure communication, authentication and authorization, claims and claim sets, security token services, CardSpace, extensibility, reliable messaging, queues, transactions, and Interop.
WCF Master Class
Training Course: “Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Master Class,” from IDesign. This is a 5-day, fee-based, instructor-led class for .NET developers and architects and is available on-site or as public offering. Topics covered include an introduction to service orientation, WCF essentials, contract design and factoring, data contracts, service instance management, operations, faults and errors, transactions, concurrency management, queued services, and security.
Applied Windows Communication Foundation
Training Course: “Applied Windows Communication Foundation,” from Pluralsight. This is a 4-day, fee-based, instructor-led course for developers who need to learn the WCF architecture, programming model, runtime services, how to begin planning for migration, and how to build connected systems with WCF. Topics covered include architecture, service orientation, web services specifications, the programming model, services and endpoints, addresses, bindings, contracts, channels, factories, serialization, versioning, hosting, activation, claims-based security, reliable messaging, queuing, transactions, configuration, manageability, extensibility, and migration.
Complete Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
Training Course: “Complete Windows Communication Foundation (WCF),” from Intertech. This is a 3-day, fee-based, instructor-led course for experienced .NET 2.0 developers who want to build applications using WCF. Topics include the WCF programming model, understanding binding choices, and understanding data serialization choices.

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