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C Sharp 2010 Resource Center
Five C# 4.0 Videos
Videos: Five C# 4.0 videos from Microsoft. Topics include "COM Interop and Office in C# 4.0" (discusses how the new features in C# 4.0 help developers), "Named and Optional Parameters in C# 4.0" (discusses how the Named and Optional Parameters feature provides an alternative to method overloading), "How Do I: Use Covariance and Contravariance in VS 2010" (this 2 part video discusses how to use covariance and contravariance in C# 4.0), and "Practical Entity Framework for C#: Stored Procedures in Entity Framework (discusses how the EntityDataSource makes using an Entity Model in ASP.NET much easier.).
C# 4.0 Videos
Videos: Eight C# 2010 videos covering "C# 4.0 Dynamic," with Chris Burrows and Sam Ng; "Simplifying your Code with C# 4.0," "deCast—Dynamic XML with C# 4.0," "Inside C# 4.0: Dynamic Typing, Covariance and Contravariance," "How to Use name and Optional Arguments in Office Programming (C#)," "The Future of C#," "C# 4.0 Questions and Reasons Behind the Answers," and "C# 4.0: Meet the Design Team."

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Update :: October 23, 2018