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C Sharp 2010 Resource Center
Developer Site
C# Corner
The C# Corner site discusses such topics as StringReader and StringWriter classes, accessing MdiParent controls from Child forms, the TextReader and TextWriter classes, expanding and collapsing the ListBox header in WPF, system I/O and Streams, runtime type information (reflection), Method Signatures, fields and properties, and more.
The C# Language
The C# Language page from the Visual C# Developer Center discusses the C# language specifications, language references, keywords, operators, preprocessor directives, language features and tutorials.
Visual C# Library
"Visual C# Library," from the Microsoft Developers Network discusses getting started with Visual C#, using the Visual C# development environment, a C# programming guide, the C# reference, Visual C# samples and walkthroughs, what's new in Visual C# 2010 and the C# Language Specification.

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Update :: October 19, 2018