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Visual Basic 2010 Resource Center
Dynamic Programming in Visual Basic: IronPython
Blog: "Dynamic Programming in Visual Basic: IronPython," by Mike McIntyre. Discusses the dynamic feature in Visual Basic 2010 for mixing late-bound code in with statically typed code, Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) for caching and dynamic dispatch and how to use an IronPython runtime to interop with IronPython objects.
Visual Basic 2010
“Visual Basic 2010,” blog from Panopticon Central. Discusses Visual Basic 2010 and Oslo, future directions for Visual Basic, iterators, Lambda expression improvements, what is still being considered for VB2010, collector initializer expressions, implicitly implemented interfaces and automatically implemented properties.
VB 2010 Unveiled at PDC 2008!
“VB 2010 Unveiled at PDC 2008!” blog by Lisa Feigenbaum. This entry in the Visual Basic Team Blog discusses features for VB 2010 including collection initializers, array literals, statement lambdas, auto-implemented properties, removal of the line continuation character, generic co- and contra-variance, no PIA (primary interop assemblies) and interop with dynamic languages.
Visual Basic 2010 Sharp!
“Visual Basic 2010 Sharp!” blog by Tim Patrick. Discusses announced features in Visual Basic 2010 including elimination of the line continuation character, variable declaration simplification, simplified control structure syntax and lowercase alternatives.

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