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Visual Basic 2010 Resource Center
Programmability in VB & C# in VS 2010
Blog: "Walkthrough: Office Programmability in Visual Basic and C# in VS 2010," by Lisa Feigenbaum. Discusses several new features in Visual Basic and C#, how the new features can simplify Office development, creating a class, creating collections of objects, create an Excel worksheet and modify and build a process.
TDD Support w/ Generate From Usage
Blog: "Walkthrough: TDD Support with the Generate From Usage Feature in VS 2010," by Lisa Feigenbaum. Discusses how to use the new Visual Studio 2010 Generate From Usage feature that supports Test-Driven Development (TDD), what TDD is, creating stubs for types, setting up a project, testing a project, generating a new class from a unit test, generating a property stub, generating a stub for a new constructor, generating a stub for a method, running the tests, navigating the source code and implementing the source code.

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Update :: October 17, 2018