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Refactoring Browser for UML
White paper: “Refactoring Browser for UML,” by Marko Boger, Thorsten Strum and Per Fragemann. Discusses what refactoring is (see our Refactoring Resource Center), refactorings for UML, conflict detection, static structure refactorings, state machine refactorings, activity graph refactorings, a refactoring browser for UML, and examples.
UML Relationship to OMG Technologies
White paper: "UML Semantics Appendix M4 - Relationship to OMG Technologies," from Rational Software Corporation. Discusses the OMG core object model, object and interface, type, the core object model, modeling the core object model using UML, CORBA core, the OMG CORBA object model, interface repository, other CORBA core, CORBA services, naming service, event notification service, life cycle service, relationship service, other CORBA services and CORBA facilities.
Introduction for Using UML
White paper: “Introduction for Using UML,” by Mikael Akerholm, Ivica Crnkovic and Goran Mustapic. Discusses the basic building blocks of UML, things, relationships, use case diagrams, class diagrams, sequence diagrams, state diagrams, activity diagrams and a small system design.
Using UML & SDL for Next Generation Networking
White paper: “Using UML and SDL for Next Generation Networking,” by Scott Niemann. Discusses using an integrated UML and SDL approach, using a design example utilizing Telelogic solutions for Model Driven Development (MDD), how existing code-based methods can be introduced and incorporated in your design, what will give your designers an edge in building next generation systems and how model driven development improves the testing environment allowing for reduced time to market and improved project quality.
Database Modeling in UML
White paper: “Database Modeling in UML,” by Geoffrey Sparks. Discusses the class model, relationships and identity, the relational model, tables and columns, public data access, the UML data model profile, the physical model, mapping from the class model to the relational model, model classes, identifying persistent objects, inheritance, unique object identifiers, map associations to foreign keys, map attributes and defining relationship roles, model behavior. A 12-point “Quick Summary Guide to data Modeling in UML” is presented at the end of the paper.
The Value of Modeling
White paper: “The Value of Modeling,” by Gary Cernosek and Eric Naiberg. Discusses what modeling is, why use modeling, modeling software, why some developers choose not to model software, when to model, how to model, what people are saying about the value of modeling and trends and the future.

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