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What’s New in UML™ 2.0?
White paper: “What’s New in UML™ 2.0?” by Bran Selic (IBM Distinguished Engineer). Discusses the history of UML, the highlights of UML 2.0, degree of precision, new language architecture, large-scale system modeling capabilities, complex structures, activities, interactions, state machines, language specialization capabilities and general consolidation.
What's New in UML 2.0?
White paper: "What's New in UML 2.0?" by Grandville Miller. Discusses what UML is, activity diagrams, grouping, exceptions, class diagrams, communication diagrams, use case diagrams and UML conformance.
What's New in UML 2? A Question of Profiles
Article: "What's New in UML 2? A Question of Profiles," by Randy Miller. Discusses the way that profiles have changed in the UML 2.0, what profiles are and what they do, The EDOC profile for web development, profiles for platforms such as J2EE or .Net and the profile interaction problem.

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Update :: October 23, 2018