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UML Class Diagram
Video: “BridgePoint UML Class Diagram Tutorial,” from Mentor Graphics. This 7-minute tutorial shows how to create a simple BridgePoint UML class diagram, explains how to draw classes and associations and adjust their properties, demonstrates how to organize classes into logical subsystems, how to open a class diagram, how to create classes, how to use the properties view to set the class name and key letters, how to create a supertype-subtype association, how to share classes from multiple subsystems using imported classes, how to add class attributes and operations and how to add a state machine to a class.
UML State Machine
Video: “BridgePoint UML State Machine Tutorial,” from Mentor Graphics. This 3-minute tutorial shows how to create a simple BridgePoint UML state machine, how to create states and events and adjust their properties, how to add a state machine to a class, how to open a state machine diagram, how to create states, how to create event transitions between states, how to create events, how to assign events to event transitions and how to use the Properties view to set the finality of a state.
UML Model Verifier
Video: “BridgePoint UML Model Verifier Tutorial,” from Mentor Graphics. This 3 minute tutorial shows how to use BridgePoint UML Model Verifier to perform high-level model testing and debugging, how to start Model Verifier, how to add a view to the xtUML Debugging perspective, how to run domain functions to perform testing, how to use the Session Explorer view, how to set and manage state and action language breakpoints, how to use animated state diagrams, how to control execution using run/resume, terminate, and single stepping, how to inspect the value of automatic variables and how to manage the way states handle unexpected events.
Visual Paradigm for UML
Videos: Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML)—a cross-platform UML CASE tool for developers for building quality applications faster, better and cheaper. Visual Paradigm provides 26 video tutorials on how to use VP-UML. These include: "UML Support," "Requirements Document," "Business process Modeling," "Mind Mapping," "Object-Relational Mapping," "Visual Modeling," "Model Element Nicknaming," "Model Transitor," "Style and Formatting," "Team Collaboration with VP Teamwork Server," "Team Collaboration with CVS Repository," "Team Collaboration with Perforce," "Documentation Generation," "Printing," "IDE Integrations," "Reverse Engineering," "Code generation," "State Machine Diagram Code Generation," "Java Round-Trip Engineering," "Shape editor," Layout Facilities," "Interoperability," "Intuitive User Interface," and "Automatic Updates."

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