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UML Resource Center
Intro to UML and Object Orientation (OO)
Tutorial: “Introduction to UML and Object Orientation (OO),” from Gentleware. Discusses the principles of object-oriented modeling techniques and UML, structural elements, behavior, inheritance, and advanced concepts of object-orientation.
Developer Guide to UML 2
Tutorial: "Developer Guide to UML 2," by John Deacon. Discusses UML history, the infrastructure of the UML, the (super)structure of the UML, class diagrams, composite structure diagrams, component diagrams, deployment diagrams, sequence diagrams, communications diagrams, interaction overview diagrams, timing diagrams, state machines, activity diagrams and use cases.
Practical UML™: A Hands-On Introduction
Tutorial: "Practical UML™: A Hands-On Introduction for Developers," by Randy Miller. Discusses why UML is important, use case diagrams, class diagrams, packages and object diagrams, sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams, statechart diagrams, activity diagrams, component and deployment diagrams and UML tool.
UML Tutorial
Tutorial: “UML Tutorial,” from Gentleware. Topics include structured elements, behavior, inheritance, object oriented advanced topics and bets engineering practices.
Visual Case Tool—UML Tutorial
Tutorial: "Visual Case Tool—UML Tutorial," from Artiso Corporation. Discusses what UML is, the use case diagram, class diagrams, interaction diagrams, sequence and collaboration, activity and state diagrams, implementation diagrams, component and deployment and the UML tool summary.
Use Cases—An Introduction
Tutorial: “Use Cases—An Introduction,” by Jason Gorman. Discusses what a use case is, what a use case scenario is, capturing use case scenarios with essential use case descriptions, visualizing scenarios using UI storyboards, use cases and rework, use cases and UML, relationships between use cases, applying use cases and reusing use cases.
UML Tutorial—Class Diagram
Tutorial: "UML Tutorial—Class Diagram," from Visual Case. Discusses the class diagram, packages, classes, attributes, operations, generalization, interfaces, associations, aggregation and composition and dependencies.
UML Programming
Tutorial: "UML Programming," from Exforsys Inc. Discusses what UML is, UML basics, UML industry usage, why Unified Modeling Language?, how UML helps projects, the class diagram, the state diagram, the sequence diagram, the use case diagram, using UML with Java, using UML with PHP and Perl, using UML with .NET and UML certification.
Writing Effective Use Case Examples
Tutorial: "Writing Effective Use Case Examples," from Discusses a simple use case example and how it can be leveraged to something complex; understanding case diagrams, alternate flows and basic flows; writing effective use cases for a mock e-Bay site, defining use case actors, defining use case actor goals, identifying reuse opportunities, creating a use case index, identifying the key components of a use case, naming and describing the use case, creating the use case basic flow, creating the use case alternate flows and the effective use case document.
UML Tutorials
Videos: UML Tutorials from VTC Computer Software Training. These are fee-based courses but several of their training videos are free to view including: "Welcome to UML," "Object Orientation 1: Objects and Classes," "Object Orientation 2: Relationships," "Object Orientation 3: Polymorphism," "The 4+1 Model," "Static and Dynamic Approaches," "Use Case and Class Diagrams," "Object and Package Diagrams," "State and Activity Diagrams," "Sequence and Communication Diagrams," "Component and Deployment Diagrams," "Use case Basics," "Modeling Use case Elements," "A Use Case Diagram for an ATM," "The <> Dependency," "Generalization," and "Putting It All Together."
UML 2 Tutorial
Tutorial: "UML 2 Tutorial" from Sparx Systems. Discusses structural modeling diagrams (including package diagrams, class diagrams, object diagrams, composite structure, component diagrams and deployment diagrams) and behavioral modeling diagrams (including use case diagrams, activity diagrams, state machine diagrams, communication diagrams, sequence diagrams, timing diagrams and interaction overview diagrams).

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