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UML Resource Center
Resource Sites
Object Management Group—UML
Object Management Group—UML website. Resources include "Getting Started with UML (introduction, benefits of modeling, current UML specifications, standard UML profiles and related specifications, articles, tutorials, OMG certification program, UML tools and materials about modeling methodologies), the current official UML Specification, UML profiles and related specifications, UML-related work in progress, links to UML resources, and more.
UML Reference Card
"UML Reference Card," by Allen Holub. This reference covers organizational diagrams, use-case diagrams, activity and state diagrams, the static-model (class) diagram and dynamic-model diagrams (sequence diagram and collaboration diagram).
IBM UML Resources
Unified Modeling Language page from IBM. Explains whet UML is and provides links to white papers, articles, tutorials, products, information on Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) and documentation.
Unified Modeling Language Definition and Resources
Unified Modeling Language Definition and Resources. Resources include links to FAQs, tutorials, glossaries, forums, mailing lists, standards, articles, organizations, conferences, tools, workshops, related sites, frameworks, examples, link collections, and more.
Rational—Unified Modeling Language
The IBM Rational UML Resource Center. Overviews what UML is, provides links to articles white papers, tutorials and products, provides information on Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) and provides links to the UML standards and documentation. Additional links include services, trails and demos, case studies, news, training and certification, events and support.
OMG UML Website
The Object Management Group (OMG) website. A complete list of UML resources that includes links to the UML Specification, how to get started using UML, related specifications, articles and information, resources, certification information, tool and more.

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Update :: December 17, 2018