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In Java
The Eclipse Tutorial
Video: “The Eclipse Tutorial,” by Dave Powell. This tutorial for Java programmers discusses an overview of Eclipse, Pez example, setting code conventions, project creation, code creation and editing, code execution, importing projects, debugging, code documentation with Javadoc, unit testing with Junit,. UML generation and reverse engineering using Omondo (EclipseUML) and GUI development using Visual Editor.
Developing UML Diagrams in JDeveloper
Tutorial: “Developing UML Diagrams from XMI in Oracle JDeveloper,” by Deepak Vohra. Discusses how to generate an XMI document from an example Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) deployment descriptor, ejb-jar.xml, preliminary setup, generating the UML class diagram and displaying a UML class diagram in JDeveloper 10g.
How to Use UML w/ Sun Java Studio Enterprise
Webcast: “How to Use UML with Sun Java Studio Enterprise,” is an overview of the most important features of UML 2.0 and how these new features can be utilized by Java developers.
UML for Java
Training course: “UML for Java,” from Parlez UML (a site that address the needs of software developers around the world) is a 5-day fee-based instructor-led course. The course covers case diagrams, object diagrams and filmstrips, class diagrams, implementation diagrams, sequence diagrams, packages and model management, activity diagrams, the Object Constraint Language, statechart diagrams, user experience modeling, design principles and design patterns.

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Update :: December 17, 2018