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UML Resource Center
UML FAQ: Discusses what UML is, the current version of the specification and how to obtain it, major improvements, significant changes, outstanding issues, who maintains the specification and how it is updated, how to learn UML, to improve the UML, what UML modeling tools are available, what to look for when selecting a UML modeling tool, processes and methods that use UML, selecting a process method, what a UML profile is, UML available mailing lists, and more.
UML Use Case Diagrams: Tips and FAQ
"UML Use Case Diagrams: Tips and FAQ," from Carnegie Mellon University. Discusses what a UML case diagram is and when to use it, what to put in the system box, representing a sequence of actions, how the UML case diagram differs from a flowchart, when to use arrows, when to use the extends arrow, the difference between uses and extends and how to describe branches.
"UML FAQ," from the UML Zone. Discuss what UML is, who created UML, the UML standard, what UML can be used for, do we need UML, why use UML, how UML related to other modeling languages (OMT, Booch, OOSE and more), UML-based tools and companies working with UML.

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Update :: December 19, 2018