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UML Resource Center
UML Specification
"Unified Modeling Language (UML) Version 2.1.2 Specification," from the Object Management Group (OMG). The two specifications that make up the UML 2.1.2 specification include the superstructure and infrastructure. In addition there are two specifications that relate to the UML 2 specification, the Diagram Interchange and the Object Constraint Language. Links are provided for the downloads and additional resources.
NetBeans IDE 6.0 UML Documentation
"NetBeans IDE 6.0 UML Documentation," from Resources (including the NetBeans UML project page, the NetBeans UML FAQ and the NetBeans UML blogs) and information for UML functionality in Netbeans IDE 6.0. Tutorial topics include "Why Model with UML?" "Developing Applications," "Reverse Engineering Java Applications," "Creating Use Case Diagrams," "Creating Class diagrams," "Creating Collaboration Diagrams," "Creating Sequence Diagrams," and "Creating Activity Diagrams."
UML Specification
UML Specification. A listing of the documents associated with the UML Specification 2.1.2 released in November 2007. The UML Specification has two complementary specifications that constitute the complete specification for the UML 2 modeling language. The infrastructure specification (defines the foundational language constructs required for UML 2.1.2) and the superstructure specification (defines the user level constructs required for UML 2.1.2). The two complementary specifications
IBM Rational UML Documentation
IBM Rational UML Documentation site. Document links are include the "UML 2.0 Infrastructure RFP," "UML 2.0 Superstructure RFP," "UML 2.0 Diagram Interchange RFP," "Rational UML Profile for Business Modeling," "UML 2.0 Profile for Software Services," "UML Profile for Software Services, RSA Plug-In," "Introduction to the SIP Modeling Toolkit for IBM Rational Software Architect," "Authoring UML Profiles Using Rational Software Architect and rational Software Modeler," "UML Profile for Schedulability, Performance and Time," and "UML Profile for CORBA."

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