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Choosing a UML Modeling Tool
Article: "Choosing a UML Modeling Tool," from Objects by Design. Discusses the criteria that can be used when evaluating a UML modeling tool including round-trip engineering, HTML documentation, full UML support, pick lists for classes and methods, collaboration and sequence diagrams, class diagram, data modeling integration, versioning, model navigation, printing support, diagram views, exporting diagrams, scripting, robustness, platform, new releases, integrated editor, auto-generation, management tools, metrics, vector graphics and the XMI standard.
A Special Guide-MDA and UML Tools
Article: "A Special Guide-MDA and UML Tools: CASE 2.0—or the Developer's Dream," by Mike Riley. Discusses state-of-the-art MDA (Model-Driven Architecture) tools, current state of MDA, the future of MDA, evaluation criteria and features and claims, market buzz and cost are presented in a chart by product.
StarUML is an open source project for building a software modeling tool and platform that is a replacement for commercial UML tools. Features include support for UML 2.0, support for MDA (Model Driven Architecture), provides a plug-in architecture for developing plug-in modules in COM-compatible languages, provide many user-friend features such as Quick dialog, Keyboard manipulation and provides user-friend features (such as Quick dialog, keyboard manipulation, diagram overview and more).
UML Tools
Article: "UML Tools," by Mandar Chitnis, Pravin Tiwari and Lakshmi Ananthamurthy. Discusses what the Unified Modeling Language (UML) stands for, what are the nine diagrams that make up UML, features in UML tools, UML diagram support, forward engineering, reverse engineering, round-trip engineering, documentation, version control, the collaborative modeling environment, integration with popular integrated development environments (IDEs), test script generation, the model view controller (MVC) modeling, template-driven modeling, popular UML tools (including Rational Rose, Together Control Center and Poseidon) and Eclipse.
Free software: BOUML is a UML 2 toolbox currently under development that allows users to specify and generate code in C++, Java, Idl, Php and Python. It runs under UNIX, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X and Windows.

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Update :: October 23, 2018