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REST Web Services Resource Center
REST Web Services Sample Chapters
Basic SOA Using REST,295582,sid21_gci1256385,00.html
Sample chapter: "Basic SOA using REST," from SOA Using Java Web Services, by Mark Hansen (May 2007). Discusses what REST is, XML documents and Schema for EIS (Enterprise Information Systems) records, and RESTful web services vs. SOAP web services.
REST: Representational State Transfer
Sample chapter: "REST: Representational State Transfer," from O'Reilly Media. Discusses what REST is, the scientific definition, the practical definition, REST principles, aesthetics of URI (uniform resource identifiers) design, URI syntax, resource modeling, methods, the GET method, the POST method, the DELETE method, the PUT method, security, programming REST, REST primer, modeling resources, creating multiple representations, developing REST applications, working with POST, PUT and DELETE methods, implementing a purchase order service, disadvantages of using the POST method, tow disadvantages of the GET and PUT combination, choosing the implementation, implementing cover page service, documenting service API, what makes REST hard, and REST and SOAP.

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Update :: November 20, 2019