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REST Web Services Resource Center
REST Web Services REST on Rails
REST Recommended for Web Services Coders,289202,sid26_gci1210693,00.html
Article: "REST Recommended for Web Services Coders," by Rich Seeley. Discusses what REST is, where the concept of REST came from, what makes REST so attractive, why developers should look to REST for developing web services, recommendations for developers looking at REST for web services development, REST as an alternative to the WebSphere approach, .NET, where Ruby fits in with REST, and using Ruby on Rails with REST.
Crossing Borders: REST on Rails
Article: "Crossing Borders: REST on Rails," by Bruce Tate. Discusses the web services landscape, an overview of action web services (a way to publish web service APIs without spending time on protocol details), adding web services to a Rails controller, and invoking the web service.
REST Web Services With Rails
Slide presentation: "REST Web Services with Rails," from Integral Impressions. Discusses why use REST, RESTful routes, index action (the route, the action and the response), create action (the route, the action and the response), update action (the route, the action and the response), the destroy action (the route, the action and the response), consuming REST, and API authentication.
Putting REST on Rails
Article: “Putting REST on Rails,” by Dan Kubb. Discusses RESTful dispatching in Rails, RESTful Rails, the model, configuring the database, database migrations, testing with fixtures, the RESTful Rails plug-in, the controller, RESTful routes, making a RESTful controller, the by_id resource, and verifying.
REST on Rails
Article: “REST on Rails,” by Matt Buddulph. Discusses mapping REST concepts on Rails patterns. Dispatch with ActionController, using REXML and builder, introspection with ActiveRecord, and a command-line session with a REST-enabled web application.
Practical REST on Rails 2 Projects
Book : Practical REST on Rails 2 Projects, by Ben Scofield (June 2008). Discusses developing REST web services in the Rails 2 framework, building from the server-side perspective and integration with PHP, building from the client side using a JavaScript widget, developing a RESTful application on Rails for the Apple iPhone, creating a Facebook application using REST on Rails and examine REST on Rails for the enterprise.

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