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REST Web Services Resource Center
REST Web Services Introductions
A Brief Introduction to REST
Article: "A Brief Introduction to REST," by Stefan Tilkov. Discusses the key REST principles, giving every "thing" an ID, linking things together, using standard methods, resources with multiple representations, communicating statelessly, and REST in theory.
REST Definition
Representational State Transfer (REST) definition from Wikipedia. Discusses principles, REST’s central principle: resources, claimed benefits, a RESTful example, public implementations, implementation challenges, outside of the web, and references.
Introduction to Amazon S3 with Java and REST
Article: “Introduction to Amazon S3 with Java and REST,” by Eric Heuveneers. Discusses S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) basics, S3 REST security, creating a bucket, dealing with REST errors, file uploading, and other operations available through the S3 APIs.
RESTful Web Services
Slide presentation: “RESTful Web Services: An Introduction to Building Web Services,” by John Cowan. Discusses the uniform resource identifier (URI), web services, what a web service is, nouns, verbs, GET (fetch information), XML, HTML, what REST is, a definition of REST, the REST style, representation, state, transfer of state, REST and HTTP, other protocols, REST messages, multiple representations, hypertext, web-based applications, code on demand, simple tests of RESTfulness, caching, scaling, distributed systems, components, connectors, resource modeling, data elements, advantages of REST, key insights, reliability, asynchronous operations, transactions, B2B, resource state, session state, sessions, the purpose of statelessness, OOP on the web, RPC, REST and RPC, remote procedures, two views of POST, the SOAP way, posting a SOAP message, the advantages of SOAPless GET, web method specification, cookies, keeping a reference safe, tunneling, application protocols, and related architectures.
REST Definition
A definition of REST presented in Essential ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls, by Adam Calderon and Joel Rumerman (July 2008). Discusses a REST request, what REST is and how it is used, and how REST is implemented.

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