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Programming Projects Resource Center

The Programming Projects Resource Center is your guide to student programming projects online. In our Programming Projects Resource Center you'll find:

  • Over 30 suggested programming projects from the computer science department at Columbia University, including a resource list server, watcher filtering, a reputation system, spam analysis, implementing a peer-to-peer network, Skype analysis, virtual worlds, RFID, an audio library for Linux and more.
  • Several suggested student programming projects for computer science majors (undergraduate, masters and PhD. students) from the Network Security Lab at Columbia University. Projects include an SOS system, peer to peer systems' resilience, network worm vaccine architecture, mobile secure file system, P2P intrusion detection system, survivable JVM, anonymity system and more.
  • A programming projects repository with suggested programming projects for various subjects including math, physics, ecology, games, music and more.
  • C++ projects organized by category including algorithms, compiler development, data structures, games, viruses, Trojans, computer graphics, file manipulation, and mathematics.
  • Project ideas from's Summer of Code project.
  • The book, Visual C# 2005 Express After Hours: 10 Projects You'll Never Do At Work, 2006, by Justin Rogers. Includes 2 game and 8 utility programs that you can integrate into your programs.
  • The free eBook, Visual Basic .NET Projects for the Classroom, by Alfred C. Thompson II, that contains 18 Visual Basic .NET projects. Examples include a thermometer, dice display, guessing game, simple house drawing, spaceship invaders, tic tac toe, picture display, palindromes, checkers and more.
  • Real-world programming projects designed by corporations for the Cornell University Masters of Engineering students.
  • Information about Google's Summer of Code 2006 that introduces college undergraduate and graduate students to the world of open source programming by providing them with stipends to create their own open source applications or contribute to existing projects. Participating organizations post project ideas.
  • A site where students needing suggestions for a Java project can post an inquiry and receive suggestions from other members.
  • Numerous Java programming exercises from the self-test center at the Department of Computing at the University of Central England, Birmingham, UK. Includes Java projects descriptions covering applets, button events, radio buttons, layout controllers, BlueJ and more.
  • Seven student Java programming project ideas including merging XML databases, parallel applications using MPI, a logic circuit builder, an email harvester, a JACAW (Java-C Automatic Wrapper) test suite, Java MPI binding using JACAW, and a web interface for JACAW.
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced-level Unix project ideas.
  • The article, "How to Keep Your Boss from Sinking Your Project," by Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene.

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