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PHP Resource Center

PHP Syllabi
"PHP for Website Development" Syllabus
Tulane University syllabus for course "PHP for Website Development." Topics cover variables, operators, expressions, database integration, debugging, data functions, arrays, network and more.
PHP 5 and MySQL Programming Syllabus
Mansfield University syllabus for web programming course with PHP 5 and MySQL. Topics covered include forms, loops and arrays, authentication, expressions, error and exception handling and more.
"Web Programming with PHP" Syllabus
Eastern Kentucky University syllabus for course "Web Programming with PHP." Topics cover PHP syntax, function extension, file processing, cookies and session, MySQL and more.
"Introduction to PHP" Syllabus
University of Washington syllabus for course "Introduction to PHP." Powerpoint topics covered include: introduction to PHP, common PHP script elements, working with forms, working with arrays, functions and includes, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), file and directory handling, introduction to SQL, accessing databases with PHP, MySQL admin with PHP, accepting file uploads and more.
"PHP Server Side Programming"
O’Reilly Learning Lab syllabus for "PHP Server Side Programming."  Topics include: introduction, quick overview, variables and operators, hashes and arrays, environment variables, forms and query strings, conditional statements and control structures, PHP/SQL.
iTeachU Syllabus
iTeachU syllabus for PHP course.  Topics covered include: Introduction to PHP, PHP basics, system interaction, arrays and strings, advanced topics.

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