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MySpace Developer Platform Resource Center
Flock to Integrate with MySpace Open Platform
Press release: “Flock Browser to Integrate with MySpace Open Platform,” from Flock is a social web browser (free to download and use) built on Mozilla’s Firefox architecture. Flock announced it will add MySpace for its users. Building on the MySpace Developer Platform, Flock will allow users to surf the web with their MySpace friends available from within the Flock browser.
Analysis: Problems and Possibilities
Article: "Analysis: Problems and possibilities in MySpace's New Developer Platform," by Eric Eldon. Discusses the popularity of MySpace applications, viral distribution channels, how existing MySpace widgets can become applications, security, privacy, and decency standards.
MySpace Developer Platform Launches
Announcement: "MySpace Developer Platform Launches," from Discusses a definition of the MySpace Developer Platform (MDP); the six parts of the application including the application profile, application canvas, the apps module, the application manager, profile modules, and homepage modules; and application monetization.
MySpace Developer Platform Launches
Article: "MySpace Developer Platform Launches; Levels the Playing Field for App Builders," by Adam Ostrow. Discusses the MySpace Developer Platform (MDP), what's in the API, OpenSocial (see our Resource Center) with MySpace Extensions, action scripts, the REST (see our Resource Center) API, and privacy and monetization features.
MySpace Developer Platform Forum
MySpace Developer Platform Forum. Topics include the OpenSocial container implementation, testing and support, client libraries, questions about the platform, ideas and suggestions and more.
MySpace Developer Platform Site Launches
Article: "MySpace Developer Platform Site Launches," from SOA World Magazine. Discusses the future of the global social web, developers interacting with the MySpace development team, the three sets of APIs, the developer team blog, documentation, and the testing harnesses.
MySpace Confirms Developer Platform
Article: "Facebook Catch-Up: MySpace Confirms Developer Platform," by Erik Arnold. Discusses how popular the Facebook Platform has become, the launce of the MySpace Developer Platform (MDP), the development of a catalog of all widgets and tools available on MySpace, using standard APIs, letting users determine usability, integrating the best tools into the community, and the trend toward platforms.
MySpace Launches Platform for Developers
Article: "MySpace Launches Platform for Developers," from the Centre Daily Times. Discusses the MySpace Developer Platform Site, the OpenSocial standard (see our Resource Center), features of the MySpace Developer Platform Site (including APIs, OpenSocial, action scripts, REST (see our Resource Center), the developer team blog, documentation, and forums; application information (including a MySpace application profile, access to embedded applications, application gallery listing and canvas page; the global social web, and information about MySpace.

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