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MySpace Developer Platform Resource Center
OpenSocial Definition
Definition of OpenSocial from Wikipedia. Discusses what OpenSocial is, structure, open standards HTML, JavaScript, APIs, social software applications, history, development, implementation, background and additional references.
OpenSocial Overview
Article: “OpenSocial: A New Universe of Social Applications All Over the Web,” by Marc Andreessen (co-founder of Ning). Discusses what containers are, what OpenSocial is, OpenSocial technology, why OpenSocial is practical, what OpenSocial means for Facebook application developers, what OpenSocial means to websites that are not Facebook applications, maintaining multiple front-end pages, what OpenSocial means to Facebook, “is OpenSocial good for the web?” how Ning will support OpenSocial, and JavaScript and web services APIs.
Questions About OpenSocial Answered
“Questions About OpenSocial Answered,” from Concrete Web Developers. Discusses what the components of an OpenSocial application are, what OpenSocial components are made of, where the assets of an OpenSocial application live, how customers find OpenSocial applications, storing data in an OpenSocial application, access to user data, dealing with network design limitations, how the view/edit works, the OpenSocial container and more.
OpenSocial Discussion Group
OpenSocial Discussion Group on Google Groups. The group discusses OpenSocial issues. Topics include global data, access restrictions on personal and instance data and more.
OpenSocial Forum
OpenSocial Forum. Topics include the OpenSocial API definition, Orkut discussions (disabling cache), Ning discussions (the newUpdatePersonAPPdataRequest), Hi5 discussions (adjusting application height, and how to pass variables), Plaxo discussions (operating systems applications), other containers, implementing OpenSocial containers (Rails plug-in), and pages (issues and links).
OpenSocial Blogs
OpenSocial blogs on ZDNet. Topics include OpenSocial alpha code, the OpenSocial Alliance, Google's OpenSocial strategy, Orkut, the OpenSocial business model, MySpace and OpenSocial and more.
OpenSocial API Blog
The "OpenSocial API Blog" from Google. Discusses thoughts on implementing OpenSocial for a website, privacy and security, API and SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) iterations and refactoring, the Shindig project (open source OpenSocial reference implementation), policies (gadget directory, discovery and abuse), server-to-server APIs, improved content fetching; hi5, Ning, and Plaxo sandboxes going live, and the open source container sample release.
OpenSocial API Documentation
Documentation: OpenSocial API Documentation from Google. Discusses the JavaScript API, what you can do with the JavaScript API, OpenSocial Data APIs, People and Friends data API, what you can do with the People and Friends data API, Activities data API, what you can do with the Activities data API, the Persistence data API, and what you can do with the Persistence data API.
OpenSocial API Developers Guide
OpenSocial API Developers Guide. Discusses writing a social gadget, importing the OpenSocial library, getting basic information, working with persistent data, activities, and adding a gadget to Orkut.
13 Power User Tips for OpenSocial Developers
Article: “13 Power User Tips for OpenSocial Developers,” from Newsvine. Discusses what OpenSocial is, the Orkut sandbox, using bookmarking, catching up on the latest news, watching videos, building a team, reviewing the OpenSocial API documentation, reading the OpenSocial FAQs, getting to know the best design practices, building a mock-up, and getting feedback.
OpenSocial Gadget Tutorial
Tutorial: “Gadget Tutorial,” from Google. Discusses building a social gadget for giving gifts to friends, the SocialNorms utility, OpenSocial Resources project, getting to know the code, welcoming a viewer, the Gadgets.friends method, the method, the HandleChange1 function, notifying friends, and showing a profile.
OpenSocial Videos
Videos: YouTube OpenSocial videos. There are 52 OpenSocial videos available on YouTube including: “Campfire One: Introducing OpenSocial,” “Campfire One Highlights: Introducing OpenSocial,” "Shelfari Talks About OpenSocial," "iLike Talks About OpenSocial," "hi5 Talks About OpenSocial," the six-part "Campfire One: Introducing OpenSocial," "FotoFlexer Talks About OpenSocial," "Qloud Talks About OpenSocial," "Hungry Machine Talks About OpenSocial," "E-junkie Talks About OpenSocial," "Google Launches Today its OS for Social Network: OpenSocial," "RockYou Talks About OpenSocial," "Oberon Media Talks About OpenSocial," "Ning Talks About OpenSocial," "Bleacher Report Talks About OpenSocial," "OpenSocial Madness," "First Google OpenSocial Application for Viadeo," "Plaxo Talks About OpenSocial," "Flixster Talks About OpenSocial," "Slide Talks About OpenSocial," "@chanezon Ads in OpenSocial," the four-part "OpenSocial Q&A from Bay Area Facebook Meetup @ Google," "LinkedIn Talks About OpenSocial,' "SearcgEngineUpdate with Vanessa Zamora" (on Google's OpenSocial system), "MediaBytes" (discussion on OpenSocial), "El Club de Amigos de Google" (OpenSocial discussion), "MySpace Still Dominating that Social Networking F-Word" (OpenSocial partnership announcement), "Should Seesmic Join Google OpenSocial Bandwagon?" "Going Social and Getting in Trouble with the Law," a two-part "Netvibes Ginger" (OpenSocial discussion), "Google Happy Slaps," (OpenSocial discussion), "Silencia tu Movil" (discusses OpenSocial), MediaBytes," (OpenSocial discussion), "The Business of Social Networks," "Miss Silicon Valley," (OpenSocial launch), "LeWeb3 Preview" (using OpenSocial), "Duocore Espisode 49" (OpenSocial launch), "Blog Worls Expo: Anil Dash on OpenSocial," ""Google Federe les Reseaux Sociaux Contre Facebook," ""Jamie Tedford, Brand Networks, Inc." (discusses OpenSocial), "iFoto—Video 2" (OpenSocial demo), and El Mejor Colegio Murcia cp San Pablo" (OpenSocial discussion).
Let’s Create an OpenSocial App for Real
Tutorial: “Let’s Create an OpenSocial App for Real,” from MySpace Developer Platform. Discusses terms used in the tutorial, initializing code, requesting data from the API, receiving data back from the API, error checking, privacy checking and requesting data from your site.
MySpace Specific Extensions on OpenSocial
“MySpace Specific Extensions on OpenSocial,” from the MySpace Developer Platform. Discusses the OpenSocial Base Person implementation, the OpenSocial Person object definition, requesting MySpace-specific properties off the viewer, getting MySpace-specific profile fields, and grabbing special objects off the server.
OpenSocial on the MySpace Developer Platform
“OpenSocial on the MySpace Developer Platform,” from MySpace. Discusses why MySpace is going OpenSocial, what the MySpace Developer Platform is, what OpenSocial is, a demonstration of an OpenSocial MySpace application, how the OpenSocial and MySpace Developer Platform fit together; communication between your code, the browser, OpenSocial and the server, and stuff that is not currently implemented.
OpenSocialNetwork FAQ
OpenSocialNetwork FAQ discusses what an OpenSocialNetwork is, what makes up an OpenSocialNetwork, functions of an OpenSocialNetwork, and what knowledge is needed to develop an OpenSocialNetwork (such as PHP, MySQL, AJAX, CSS and web design).
OpenSocial FAQ
OpenSocial FAQ. Discusses what OpenSocial is, how OpenSocial helps developers and websites, licensing information, getting started, the basic architecture, where applications run, and using the OpenSocial API.

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