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MySpace Developer Platform Resource Center
MySpace Launches Developer Platform
Article: "MySpace Launches Developer Platform," by Heather Havenstein. Discusses the announcement of the MySpace developer Platform; the APIs including Google OpenSocial (see our OpenSocial Resource Center), action scripts, and Representational State Transfer (REST) (see our REST Resource Center); the developer team blog, the future of the global social web and security.
MySpace Unveils Developer Platform
Article: "MySpace Unveils Developer Platform," by Kenneth Corbin. Discusses the launch of the MySpace Developer Platform, the goals of the platform, the APIs, the Application Gallery (tested and secure widgets); categories of tools available to developers (including OpenSocial (see our Resource Center), action scripts, and a RESTful (see our Resource Center) back end; security, how applications will be governed; and monetization.
What is a MySpace Application?
“What is a MySpace Application?” from the MySpace Developer Platform. Discusses the application profile, the application canvas, the Apps module, the Application Manager, profile modules and homepage modules.

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Update :: October 21, 2018