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MySpace Developer Platform Resource Center
Developer Site
OpenSocial Reference
OpenSocial Reference from the MySpace Developer Platform. Discusses what the OpenSocial Library is, and lists the constructors, namespaces, functions and objects.
“The REST API,” from the MySpace Developer Platform. Introduces the RESTful API, discusses high vs. low REST, authentication (including creating a base string and creating the signature), response formats (XML and JSON), and resources (also see our REST Resource Center).
Developer Addendum MySpace Terms of Use
“Developer Addendum to Terms of Use Agreement,” discusses definitions, eligibility, term, developer access, commercial use, proprietary rights, applications, content posted, protecting copyright and other intellectual property, privacy, representations and warranties, disclaimers, testing and publicity.
MySpace Developer Platform: Application Guidelines
MySpace Developer Platform “Application Guidelines.” Discusses general requirements and restrictions, software downloads and site security, user experience/functionality, MySpace/FIM logos and titles, trademarks/publicity rights, application landing page, content, prohibited adult content, and rules related to other sensitive content.
MySpace Developer Platform Site
MySpace Developer Platform site. Topics include what the platform is and how it will work, learn about OpenSocial, experiment with sample code, learn and play, test and tinker, build and submit, read team blogs, participate in forums, FAQS, and the latest forum postings.

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Update :: October 21, 2018