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MySpace Developer Platform Resource Center
Graphing Social Patterns Conference
Conference: Graphing Social Patterns: The Business & Technology of Social Platforms, March 3-4, 2008, San Diego, CA. Sessions include: “MySpace Platform: Business and Marketing Overview,” “Technical Overview: MySpace Developer Platform (MDP),” “The Future of Social Networks,” “Overview of the Facebook Platform,” “Ten Million in Ten Weeks: What Stanford Learned Building Facebook Apps,” “Your Business on Facebook: Facebook Marketing 101,” “Giving a Good Poke: Using Social Apps and Media for Social Causes,” “Yahoo’s MyBlodLog API: A Social Network Lookup Service,” “Social Networks and the Need for Feeds,” “Bring Your Own Platform (BYOP): Build Buy or Borrow?” “Widget Strategies and Social Platforms,” “Privacy Management and Data Portability for Social Networks,” “DiSo and the Web Citizen: Distributed Social Networking Starts Here,” “Google and OpenSocial: Let’s Get This Shindig Started,” “Social Application Development 101: Elements of Style,” “Introduction to OpenSocial Apps and Containers,” “Social Games for Social Platforms: Unleashing Viral Fun,” “The Big Picture: Facebook Apps Stats and Trends, An O’Reilly Update,” “Designing Viral Apps: Engineering the Viral Loop,” “Driving Frantic User Engagement and Addictive Retention,” “Advertising and Monetization: Turning Apps into Dollars,” and “Getting Funded, Selling Out: Pipe Dreams or Big Bucks?”

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