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JavaFX Resource Center

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“JavaFX: Sun’s Late Start in the RIA Race”
Article: “JavaFX: Sun’s Late Start in the RIA Race,” by Glen Kunene. Discusses the recent announcement of two members of the JavaFX family of tools (that enable non-programmers to create rich Internet applications), namely JavaFX Script—a scripting language for building rich Internet applications on the Java SE platform and JavaFX Mobile—a complete mobile software stack.
JavaFX Technology Website
JavaFX Technology site: Learn about the JavaFX family of products and the OpenJFX Project, JavaFX Script (scripting language for creating rich media), JavaFX Mobile (a mobile operating and application environment), and the  community and  see demos on JavaFXPad (a tool for creating graphical elements using JavaFX Script) and StudioMoto (a recreation of the Motorola StudioMoto website).
JavaFX Information from Sun Microsystems
A complete listing of JavaFX related information on the Sun Microsystems’s site. Information listed includes press releases, articles and blogs on JavaFX, JavaFX Script and JavaFX Mobile.
JavaOne 2007 Presentations
JavaOne 2007: View the daily session presentations for JavaOne 2007. JavaFX sessions included the announcement of JavaFX and JavaFX Mobile. Other topics included open Java, evolutionary Java technology, mobility and device general session, software infrastructure for a new era, Intel rocks Java technology, overcoming complexity for the next generation user experiences, and the toy show (a sample implementations of Java technology presented by James Gosling).
JavaFX Blogs from O’Reilly Media
Blogs: O’Reilly Media blogs about JavaFX. Topics include JavaFX Script, JavaFX Mobile, scripting, JavaOne 2007 and JavaFX, and F3 (Form Follows Function) the prior name for JavaFX.
FAQ: Discusses what JaxaFX is, what was announced at JavaOne 2007, how JavaFX compares with other tools for rich Internet applications (RIAs), additional products in the JavaFX family, where to obtain additional JavaFX information, JavaFX Script, how to contribute to JavaFX, open source and JavaFX, development tools, and will JavaFX applications run on Java on the desktop and on JavaFX Mobile.

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Update :: April 20, 2018