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Functional Programming Resource Center
Brooklyn Style " Functional Programming"
Video: "Programming Brooklyn Style "Functional Programming," by Chris Donnan. Discusses basic concepts including functional programming equals value-oriented programming, UIs are visualizations of values, exposing the parameterization of the functions to users and using the UNIX pipe concepts to pipe inputs/outputs to each other.
Functional Programming Videos
Functional Programming Videos on Best tech Videos. Topics include an introduction to functional programming with Erlang, a presentation on the Scala programming language and programming a multicore computer with the Erlang concurrent functional programming language.
Functional Programming
Functional programming topics by Grant Rettke. Topics include sequencing in Scheme, lambda the ultimate 8, developer tracts form the ACM SIGPLAN 2008, videos from CUFP 2007, functional programming in education, Liskell (Haskell syntax), Lisp flavored Erlang, and functional and declarative programming in education.
Functional Programming—Going Deep
Video: "Functional Programming—Going Deep," with Erik Meijer. This one-hour video discusses functional programming languages and academic versus real-world application of functional programming languages.
Functional Programming Seminar
Functional Programming Seminar posted by Ulf Wiger. presentations include: "Taming Effects—The Next Big Challenge," presented by Simon Peyton-Jones, "Declarative Programming Techniques for Many-Core Architectures," presented by Satnam Singh, "Testing with QuickSort," presented by John Hughs, "Composing Contracts—An Adventure in Financial Engineering," presented by Simon Peyton-Jones, "High-Assurance Software," presented by John Launchbury and a panel discussion.
Simon Peyton-Jones Presentations
Simon Peyton-Jones (one of the Haskell designers) presentations include a introduction to Haskell, an adventure in financial engineering (study on domain-specific languages), nested parallelism in Haskell, the virtues of purity in functional languages, a demonstration of the Haskell library QuickCheck and more.
Data Transformations Using Functional Programming
Video: "Data Transformations Using Functional Programming Techniques." This 43-minute video discusses the basics of data transformations using functional programming techniques for languages that support functional constructs.

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