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Functional Programming Resource Center
Haskell Tutorial
Tutorial: “Yet Another Haskell Tutorial,” by Hal Daume III. Discusses what Haskell is, the history of Haskell, why use Haskell, why not use Haskell, target audience, getting started, the Glasgow Haskell compiler, language basics, arithmetic, pairs, triples, lists, strings, simple list functions, functions, let bindings, infix, comments, recursion, interactivity, type basics, simple types, polymorphic types, function types, data types, basic input/output, modules, exports, imports, hierarchical imports, sections and infix operators, local declarations, partial application, pattern matching, guards, instance declarations, datatypes, arrays, finite maps, layout, advanced types, monads and advanced techniques.
99 Haskell Problems and Solutions
Problems with solutions: Ninety-nine Haskell problems that test users programming abilities in lists, arithmetic, logic and codes, binary trees, multiway trees, graphs and miscellaneous problems.
Tutorial Papers in Functional Programming
Tutorial Papers in functional Programming. Topics include programming, types, domain theory and the lambda calculus, manuals, other compendiums and courses.
A Taste of Haskell Part II
video: "A Taste of Haskell Part II," presented by Simon Peyton-Jones at OSCON 2007. Discusses why programming in Haskell is such fun, and how it makes you think about programming in a new way, how to write functional programs, how to test programs using QuickCheck, how to write imperative programs, how to call foreign functions and how to use Haskell for scripting applications.
Query Composition Using FP Techniques in C# 3.0
Tutorial: "Query Composition Using Functional Programming Techniques in C# 3.0," by Eric White. Discusses using functional programming (FP) techniques for constructing LINQ queries, why learn functional programming, the main scenario for functional programming, contrast of functional programming to traditional object-oriented programming (OOP), query expressions, Lambda expressions, extension methods, local variable type inference, object and collection initializers, projection, using normal types for tuples, the yield contextual keyword, lazy evaluation, deferred execution, aggregation, grouping, pure functions, programming in functional style, parsing XML from an open XML document, printing the parts of an open XML document, using the open XML SDK, retrieving paragraphs, refactoring using a pure function, and more.
The Road to Better Programming
Tutorial: "The Road to Better Programming: Functional Programming," by Teodor Zlatanov. Discusses functional programming and essential Perl idioms important for Perl programmers looking for speed and elegance in their code, the map() function, the grep() function, the Schwartzian and Guttman-Rosler transforms and when to use functional programming (FP).
A Gentle Introduction to ML
Tutorial: A Gentle Introduction to ML," by Andrew Cumming. Topics include what functional languages are, expressions, simple functions, types, bindings, pattern matching, lists, bitmaps, currying, recursion, simple recursion on integers, list processing, anonymous functions, common recursive patterns, creating data types, accumulating parameters, mutual recursion and nested definitions.
Functional Programming Series
Tutorial: Functional Programming Series. This is a 9-part series entitled "Lambdas and Closures and Currying," by Justin Etheredge. Topics include currying, using a multiply method with a third parameter, the implementation of a Curry function with three arguments, the PartiallyApply parameter, currying in C# 3.0, chaining two lambdas, passing in a delegate and a single argument, memorization, method overloading, closures, lambdas, higher-order functions, implementation of several higher order functions, memorization (caches the return value of a function for each unique combination of arguments), tuples, map method, fold method and the filter function.
Haskell Tutorials
Haskell Tutorials: Categories include introductions to Haskell, best places to start, tutorials, motivations for using Haskell, testing, reference materials, using monads and workshops,

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