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Functional Programming Resource Center
Functional Programming Language Libraries
The Functional Programming Language Libraries site provides links to the Image Processing Library for MzScheme, the Complex Number and Fourier Transform Library for Standard ML and the Image processing Library for Standard ML. A brief description of each library is given and well as links to documentation and resources.
FC++: The Functional C++ Library
FC++: The Functional C++ Library site. Resources include documentation, links to articles and resources, distribution information, user discussions and related links.
ActionScript Collections & Functional Programming
Article: "ActionScript Collections and Functional Programming," by Bruce Eckel. Discusses the creation and use of shared libraries and the basics of prototypes, creating and using libraries, prototypes for dynamic method addition, the versatile array, associative arrays, the ArrayCollection, functional programming (including map, filter, Boolean tests and creating functional operations) and composability.
Clojure: Functional Programming Language
Clojure: Functional Programming Language that provides tools to avoid mutable state, provides functions as first-class objects, and emphasizes recursive iteration instead of side-effect based looping. The site discusses first-class functions, immutable data structures, extensible abstractions and recursive looping.
Functional Programming for the Rest of Us
Article: “Functional Programming for the Rest of Us,” discusses the history of functional programming, functional programming, benefits of functional programming, unit testing, debugging, concurrency, hot code deployment, machine assisted proofs and optimizations, higher order of functions, currying, lazy evaluation, abstracting control structures, infinite data structures, continuations, pattern matching and closures.
Functional Programming in the Real World
Article: “Functional Programming in the Real World,” by David Mertz and Brad Huntting. Discusses R as a programming language, declare what you mean, finding anomalies, wrapping useful operations in a function and intermediate statistical analysis.
Animated Pair Streams
Article: “Animated Pair Streams,” by Thomas Guest. Discusses bound pairs, streams of pairs, a recursive scheme, interleaving (simple interleave, pairs generation and a scheme pair generator), double trouble and memory use.
Functional Programming Languages
Article: "Functional Programming Languages," by Christopher Browne. Discusses Haskell, Scheme, ML (Meta Language), lazy evaluation, Poplog, J, APL, FP, Sisal, Joy, BETA, gbeta, Mercury, Erlang and more.

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Update :: December 17, 2018