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Functional Programming Resource Center
In Python
Functional Programming in Python, Part 1
Article: “Functional Programming in Python, Part 1,” by David Mertz. Discusses what functional programming is, some characteristics of functional programming, inherent Python functional capabilities, eliminating flow-control statements, functions as first-class objects, functional looping in Python and eliminating side-effects.
Functional Programming in Python, Part 2
Article: “Functional Programming in Python, Part 2,” by David Mertz. Discusses bindings, Python FP session with rebinding causing mischief, Python FP session with guarded rebinding, Python FP session using immutable namespaces, closures, Python session showing cargo variable, Python session showing global variable, Python session showing frozen variable, Python-style tax calculation class/instance, Smalltalk-style (Python) tax calculation, Python Functional-style tax calculations and tail recursion.
Functional Programming in Python, Part 3
Article: “Functional Programming in Python, Part 3,” by David Mertz. Discusses expression bindings, Python functional programming session with guarded rebinding, Haskell expression-level name bindings, Python 2.0+ expression-level name bindings, Python block-level bindings with map, stepping down from Python list comprehension, efficient stepping down from list comprehension, currying, trivial Python function factory, currying a Haskell computation, currying a Python computation, Python curried tax calculations, miscellaneous higher-order functions, sequential calls to functions, collections of return values and creating compositional functions.
Functional Programming How-To
Article: “Functional Programming How-To,” discusses Python's features suitable for implementing programs in a functional style, the concepts of functional programming, language features (such as iterators and generators), relevant library modules (such as itertools and functools), data types that support iterators, generator expressions and list comprehensions, generators, built-in functions, small functions, the Lambda statement, the operator module and the functional module.
Functional Programming
Sample chapter: “Functional Programming,” from Dive Into Python: Python from Novice to Pro, by Mark Pilgrim (2004). Discusses a Python program that acts as simple regression testing framework, finding the path, running scripts in the current directory, filtering lists, mapping lists, data-centric programming and dynamically importing modules.
Functional Programming
Article: “Functional Programming,” by Alan Gauld. Discusses what functional programming is, how Python provides functional programming, map, filter, reduce, lambda, list comprehension and short circuit evaluation.
Functional Programming with Python
Article: “Functional Programming with Python,” by C. E. Pramode. Discusses what functional programming is, expressing recursion, functions as first class objects, the power of the higher code function, using lambda, closures and lambda fun.

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