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Functional Programming Resource Center
In Java
Functional Programming in the Java Language
Article: "Functional Programming in the Java Language," by Abhijit Belapurkar. Discusses what functional programming is, functional programming and the Java language, creating closures, expression specialization, using closures to implement business rules, operating on collections and set manipulation using functions.
Functional Java
Functional Java is an open source library that prepares the Java programming language for the inclusion of closures and serves as a platform for learning functional programming concepts. Resources available include examples, downloads, the API, links to the community and known issues.
Functional Programming in Java
Article: "Functional Programming in Java," by Mark Zander. Discusses what functional programming is, currying and function objects, functional programming in Java, implementation, argument lists, partial function objects, function object base classes, higher order function objects and more efficient higher order function objects.

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Update :: October 23, 2018