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Functional Programming Resource Center
Resource Sites
FXSL: Functional Programming Library for XSLT
FXSL: Functional Programming Library for XSLT (maintained by Dimitre Novatchev). Resources include the FXSL download, module descriptions including "The Functional Programming Language XSLT," "Dynamic Functions Using FXSL: Composition, Partial Applications and Lambda Expressions," "Casting the Dice with FXSL: Random Number Generation Functions in XSLT," and "An XSL Calculator: The Math Modules of FXSL." Conference papers include "Functional programming in XSLT Using the FXSL Library," and "Higher-Order Functional Programming with XSLT 2.0 and FXSL."
Functional Programming in the Real World
The "Functional Programming in the Real World," website explains what functional programs are and provides links to resources that include functional programming success stories, libraries, theorem providers and systems for mathematics that sue functional programming, and categories that include industrial, developers, compilers, interpreters, partial evaluators, syntax tools, theorem providers and reasoning assistants, mathematical aids, network toolkits, applications, natural language processing, speech recognition, numerically based applications, analysis tools, the web, HTML, XML, database systems, operating systems, light and sound and games and novelties.
Functional Programming Resources
Functional programming resources on TechRepublic. Topics include F# in Visual Studio, exploring functional programming techniques in Ruby, getting started in F# programming, the Afnix functional programming language, functional programming techniques for software security, adapting object-oriented frameworks to functional reactive languages, getting the masses hooked on Haskell, and more.
Functional Programming Resources
Functional programming resources on ZDNet. Topics include F#, exploring functional programming techniques in Ruby, getting started in F#, the Afnix programming language, and more.
Functional Programming Resources
Functional programming resources compiled by the Functional Programming Group, department of Computer Science, University of York, UK. Linked topics include FAQs, Haskell-related sites, SML-related sites, Clean-related sites, conferences and miscellaneous FP sites.
F# Programming Resources,295582,sid8_gci1289090,00.html
The F# Programming Fast Guide from Topics include the F# home page, what F# is, an overview of the F# language, F# and Visual Studio 2008, F# and Visual Studio 2005, using F# interactive, a listing of books, technical talks and downloads and links to the F# community.
Haskell Bibliography
Haskell Bibliography. Categories include language design, monads, XML and web programming, generic programming, applications, GUI toolkits, compiler technology and parallel programming. Under each category is an extensive list of articles and technical publications (each with a link).
Bibliography: Modules for FP Languages
Mini bibliography on modules for functional programming languages. Categories include phase separation, “language towers,” and macros, phase separation and types, recursive modules, higher-order modules, first-class modules, mixin modules, modules and first-class environments, separate compilation and linking, type theory and foundations, module systems for Scheme, module systems for SML and its dialects, module for Haskell and related module systems.

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Update :: December 17, 2018