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Functional Programming Resource Center
Functional Programming Definition
Definition of functional programming from Discusses what functional programming is, the history of functional programming, a comparison with imperative programming, functional programming languages (such as Scheme, ML, Haskell, Erlang, Clean and Q), greater expressiveness and speed and space considerations.
Scala Programming Language
Definition: Scala Programming Language entry on Wikipedia. Discusses the platform, history, object-oriented features, functional programming, extensibility, platform independence, testing and references.
Introduction to Functional Programming
White paper: "Introduction to Functional Programming," by Mike Gordon. Discusses lambda calculus, syntax and semantics of the lambda-calculus, notational conventions, free and bound variables, conversion rules, equality of lambda expressions, extensionality, substitution, representing things in the lambda calculus, truth-values and the conditional, pairs and tuples, numbers, definition by recursion, functions with several arguments, mutual recursion, representing the recursive functions, extending the lambda calculus, combinators, an overview of ML, parsing and the lambda-calculus.
Functional Programming
Functional Programming on the Groovy site. Discusses what functional programming is, functional basics, curry functions, lazy functions, infinite structures and using functional Java.

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Update :: October 23, 2018