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Functional Programming Resource Center
FP Techniques Can Improve Software Security
Blog: "Functional Programming Techniques Can Improve Security," by Chad Perrin. Discusses avoiding security flaws, what functional programming (FP) is, functional languages and functional security.
A C# Library to Write Functional Code
Blog: "A C# Library to Write Functional Code," by Luca Bolognese. Discusses what functional programming is, tuples, tuples vs. dictionaries, records, type unions and the match operator.
Functional Programming
Blog: "Functional Programming, by Jeff Ober. Discusses what functional programming is, the immutable state, application of functions, currying, recursion, growing a string, formatted output from a list and common pitfalls (including infinite recursion, efficiency and expressiveness).
Life of a Functional Programmer
Blog: "Life of a Functional Programmer," by Matthew Podwysocki. Discusses recursing into recursion (memorization), recursing into list processing, aspects of functional programming in C# presentation code, recursing into linear, tail and binary recursion; functional C#, currency in .NET—learning from Erlang, functional C#—learn from F# and LINQ, functional C#—unfolding lists, language oriented programming and functional unit testing in F#, and more.
Functional Programming
Blog: "Functional Programming," on Coding Day. Topics include expression trees-lambdas to CodeDom conversion, RSS feed parser in 20 lines with .NET LINQ, distributed functional programming with F# MPI tools for .NET and power of functional programming (it features and its future).

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Update :: October 22, 2018