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Flash 9 Resource Center

Flash and Flash 9 Sample Chapters and eBooksMinimize
Adobe Flash CS3 Professional On Demand
eBook: Adobe Flash CS3 Professional On Demand, April 2007, by Andy Anderson and Steve Johnson. Discusses getting started with Flash CS3, working within the Flash environment, creating graphics; working with groups, symbols and instances, working with text, importing graphics, creating frame-by-frame animation, animating with motion tweening, animating with shape tweening, creating masks, working with sounds, working with video, applying timeline effects, using ActionScript behaviors, using basic ActionScripts, debugging a movie, adding display components, adding advanced display components, adding and modifying data components, automating your work, publishing a movie, using advanced Flash features, and working together with Adobe programs. Workshops include: Creating an analog clock, creating user-defined buttons, creating a customized cursor, embedding fonts into a Flash document, executing a print job from Flash, changing the focus of a Flash document, and having text follow a cursor.
“ActionScript Basics”
Sample chapter: “ActionScript Basics,” from ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook, October 2006, by Joey Lott, Darron Schall and Keith Peters. Discusses creating an ActionScript project, customizing the properties of an application, where to place ActionScript code, how to trace a message, handling events, responding mouse and key events, using mathematical operators, checking equality or comparing values, performing actions conditionally, performing complex conditional testing, repeating an operation many times, repeating a task over time, creating reusable code, generalizing a method to enhance reusability, exiting a method, obtaining the result of a method, and handling errors.
Sample chapter: “Introduction to the Art of Flash Animation,” from The Art of Flash Animation: Creative Cartooning, March 2007, by Mark Stephen Smith. Discusses Richard Williams’ (Academy Award animator for “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”) animation MasterClass, and how the author got into cartooning.

Sample chapter: “Macromedia and Adobe Flash: An Overview,” from Foundation Flash Applications for Mobile Devices, December 2006, by Weyert de Boer, Scott Janousek, and Richard Leggett. Discusses a brief history of Flash, ActionScript, object-oriented programming, ActionScript 2.0, ActionScript 3.0, and rich Internet applications (RIAs).

Sample chapter: “Getting Started with Flash CS3,” from Adobe Flash CS3 Professional On Demand, April 2007, by Andy Anderson and Steve Johnson. Discusses preparing to install Flash, system requirements, installing CS3, launching CS3, and viewing the Flash window.

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