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Flash 9 Resource Center

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Flash Lite 2.x Features
Flash Lite Adobe site. Flash Lite 2.x Features. Discusses several features of Flash Lite 2.x including its basis in Flash 7, its multi-platform support (such as Symbian S60 v2/v3, Windows Mobile 5, and Qualcomm BREW 2.x/3.x), its dynamic XML data, has persistent and relevant data that can be easily recalled (such as high scores, user names, and preferences), powerful and dynamic media support including video and sound, text enhancement to change the font/color/language/size of the text at runtime, using ActionScript 2.0 to easily create vectors and animations at runtime, synchronization of sound with animation, and tighter device integration.
“Flash 9 Button in Flex 2”
Article: “Flash 9 Button in Flex 2,” by Jesse Warden. Discusses creating a button in Flash 9, actions, embedding SWF into Flex 2, recompiling the Test Movie, ActionScript 3 classes, the MovieClip button, stops and goAndPlays, the UIComponent, using the Flash button in MXML, and the TextArea.
Adobe Flash Lite Website
Adobe Flash Lite site: Information about Flash Lite—a platform for mobile phone and electronic devices that feature rich Internet applications, browsing capabilities and customized UIs. A video, “Engage with Flash,” presents various Flash applications including downloading and listening to music and getting maps and directions on mobile devices, navigation systems, photography, toys, entertainment systems and desktop systems. Discusses the new features of Flash Lite including Flash Player 7 support, multi-platform support, dynamic XML data, dynamic images, video and sound support, ActionScript support, and device integration. Additional links provide information for designers and developers, articles about uses and resource materials.
Flash Lite FAQ
FAQ: The Flash Lite FAQ. Topics include: What is Flash Lite?, the new features, operating systems support, availability, cost, browsers that work with Flash Lite, Flash Player devices and support, developer concerns, and general information.
“Keys Supported by Flash Lite”
Diagram: “Keys Supported by Flash Lite.” Shows the different types of keys found on mobile devices (navigation keys, numeric keys, and soft keys) and explains what they are generally used for (e.g., moving up and down in a menu and making a selection). A chart provides information about the buttons that are supported by Flash Lite and their functions.
Flash Lite Website
Flash Lite site. This is Flash technology for mobile devices. It can support video and sound so that these can be embedded in rich Internet applications (RISa) with mobile devices.
Book: Foundation Flash Applications for Mobile Devices, December 2006, by Weyert de Boer, Scott Janousek, and Richard Leggett. Discusses Macromedia and Adobe Flash, mobile devices, Flash Lite 1.1 and 2.X, application development, mobile gaming, mobile entertainment basics, mobile sound, mobile video, distribution and deployment, and the future of Flash in the mobile world.

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