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Flash 9 Resource Center

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Flash Player Developer Center
Flash Player Developer Center. Locate articles, white papers, tutorials and licensing information. Additional links are provided to the ActionScript technology center, Flash Player documentation, Flash Player support center, Flash Player download center and Abobe Labs.
“Resource Management Strategies in Flash 9”
Article: “Resource Management Strategies in Flash Player 9,” by Grant Skinner. Discusses why resource management is an issue, dynamic content (the enterFrame event, the enterFrame listener and the mouseMove event), loaded content, the Flash Player Security Model, using System.totalMemory, and weak references.
“Understanding Garbage Collection in Flash 9”
Article: “Understanding Garbage Collection in Flash Player 9,” by Grant Skinner. Discusses the garbage collector, reference counting, mark sweeping, deferred garbage collector and indeterminacy, and a garbage collection simulation.
“Cross-Domain Policy File Usage Recommendations”
Article: “Cross-Domain Policy File Usage Recommendations for Flash Player,” by Lucas Adamski. Discusses cookie authentication, network topology, cross-site request forgery (XSRF) and recommendations on security to consider before the deployment of a cross-domain policy file.
“Exploring Full-Screen Mode in Flash Player 9”
Article: “Exploring Full-Screen Mode in Flash Player 9,” by Tracy Stampfli. Discusses how full-screen mode works, security, ActionScript API, scaling, an ActionScript 2.0 example, an ActionScript 3.0 example, HTML for full-screen mode, publish template for Flash, publish template for Flex Builder, and publishing and testing.
“Flash Player 9 for Linux Arrives, Looks Great”
Article: “Flash Player 9 for Linux Arrives, Looks Great,” by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols. Discusses the release of the Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux and its features including: better synchronization of video and audio and better memory utilization. Advanced features are available for graphics, video, text and support for the ActionScript Virtual Machine (ASVM2). It also compares this current version to Flash Player 7.0.69 (a previous Linux version).

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