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Flash 9 Resource Center

Flash 9 Conferences, Seminars and CoursesMinimize
Adobe Conferences, eSeminars and Webcasts
Conferences: Learn about Adobe’s live conferences, eSeminars, and webcast seminars. Topics include: The Creative License (covering the Creative Suite 3 (CS3) family), and the Adobe Creative Suite 3.
Adobe eSeminar Listings
eSeminars: A complete listing of Adobe eSeminars. These one-hour sessions include: Adobe Momentum in Print (covers the features of Adobe Suite 3 Design Premium); The Creative License Series for Creative Professionals, The Creative License Series for Video Professionals, Adobe Contribute ™ CS3 Online, The Creative License Series for Serious Photographers, and The Creative License Series for Web Professionals.
USC School of Engineering Course Syllabus
Syllabus: USC School of Engineering: Rich Internet Applications Development course syllabus. Students will design and develop online applications with Adobe Flash 9 Player using Adobe Flex 2 (see our Flex 2 Resource Center). Topics include: Introduction to application design and development, Flex 2 and Flex Builder 2 fundamentals, layout components (designing rich user interfaces), user interface control components (developing rich UIs), user interface design, event dispatching and listening (creating custom event models), customization with effects, transitions and tweens (Flash animations where users define starting and ending keyframes), advanced component programming: MXML (Multimedia eXtensible Markup Language), advanced OOP programming: ActionScript 3.0, advanced server-side integration: PHP and Flash remoting, the future of the Flash platform, advanced visual programming: CSS (visual styling with Flex 2, advanced design patterns, application and deployment and the Flex security model.

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