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Facebook Developer Platform Resource Center

Facebook Developer Platform Wikis
Data Store API Documentation
Wiki is in beta and includes documentation on data store API. Discusses the functions of the Data Store API (Specialized Tables, Distributed Tables, and Associations), and the User Preference API such as data.setUserPreferece (update one preference). Also includes Object Data Definition API (e.g., data.createObjectType), Object Data Access API (e.g., data.createObject), Association Data Definition API (such as create a new object association) and Association Data Access API (e.g., data.setAssociation would create an association between two objects).
Facebook Markup Language (FBML)
Wiki introduces the Facebook Markup Language (FBML). Includes valid HTML elements, Facebook tags (e.g., user/groups, profile-specific, and tools), dynamic FBML attributes, usage notes, invalid CSS attributes and more.
Links to Developer Documentation
Provides links to outside developer platform resources. Includes tutorials from Microsoft, urPics, Tucows and more. Discusses updating apps with user-specific data, an introduction to Facebook Markup Language (FBML), Facebook photo uploads, PHP pagination for Facebook applications and guides to getting started with Facebook application development.
Facebook Photo Uploads
Wiki provides information on uploading photos into Facebook albums (Facebook Platform PHP Library lacks support for doing so). Includes installing the script, example usage, bugs, code, updates and more.
Facebook Developers Wiki
The Facebook Developers Wiki includes discussion boards and official resources (e.g., documentation, anatomy of Facebook application and code testing tools). Also includes a FAQ page, getting started guide, code testing tools and resources for common error messages, bugs and omissions, and code examples.
Facebook API Wiki
Wiki includes extensive resources on the Facebook API. Lists API methods, including events.get, events.getMembers, groups.get, notifications.get, photos.get, users.getInfo and more. Provides Data Store API documentation and additional resources, including authentication guide, error codes, and Post-Remove URL.

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Update :: October 21, 2018