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Facebook Developer Platform Resource Center

Facebook Developer Platform Resources
Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Application
Tutorial: "Step-by-step Guide to Creating an Application," from Facebook. Describes how Facebook created a platform application called 'tutorialapp' that can be used as a template for developers to build their own platform app using PHP 5. Includes an introduction to 'tutorialapp', integrating Hello World (how to setup the application, e.g., filling out forms, creating a PHP file, etc.), pushing Facebook Markup Language (FBML) to the profile box, using mock-Ajax in the profile box, using MySQL to create a counter, putting examples together and downloads. Downloads include the latest PHP 5 platform client library, and sources you'll need for the final example.
Anatomy of a Facebook Application
Discusses the recommended application structure for developers to follow when building an application. Uses Facebook's Photo Application to explain the structure components, including product directory, about, left navigation, Facebook Canvas Pages (e.g., application homepage and user dashboard), profile (profile box and profile action links), privacy settings, News Feed, alerts, message attachments and requests.
Microsoft Developer Tools
Introduces Facebook projects and the Facebook Developer Toolkit. Discusses its functionality and components. Includes Windows Development (components, controls and samples for developing apps using Facebook's API, and C# and Visual Basic wrappers to make development easier) and Web Development (toolkit provides you with data to build a website), and Microsoft's new Windows Presentation Foundation library and LINQ (to provide you with visual examples). Includes Facebook Developer Toolkit Walkthrough videos for Visual Studio Express Editions.
Facebook Application Reviews
Resource site provides a list of Facebook applications with a five-star rating and written review for each. Provides a YouTube video of each application review so you can see how the application works and what the review is based on. Application reviews fall into categories, including Facebook, Facebook applications, Facebook Software, Facebook Video, Facebook Business, Facebook Developer and more. Join the Facebook Application Group to stay up-to-date on Facebook applications and integrations. Provides Facebook application strategy, design, development and marketing for your business.
Peanut Labs Monetization Platform
Peanut Labs is an online market research network (aggregates, incorporates and profiles millions of members across 60+ sites). Provides publishers with a platform to monetize their applications by allowing their users to participate in market research studies. Numerous Facebook developers follow this model to monetize their applications.
Facebook Documentation Overview
Includes links to Facebook's Developer Platform documentation, including Interface, Facebook Markup Language (FBML), Facebook Query Language (FQL) and the Facebook Developers Wiki. Also links to the developer's resource page, the anatomy of a Facebook application, additional tools and more.
Facebook Query Language (FQL)
Introduces Facebook Query Language. Provides the data needed to construct FQL queries. Includes a reference table that lists the identifiers, the strings used in the FROM clause, the SELECT and WHERE clauses, and example API functions. Also discusses functions and operators of FQL with basic math and string manipulation.
Add Facebook Developer Application
Allows you to add the Facebook Developer Application to your profile, download a client library (Java or PHP 4 and 5), and choose your own development environment. Includes a getting started guide with step-by-step instructions on how to add the Facebook Developer application to your profile and build your own application.
Facebook Platform Resources
Includes the anatomy of a Facebook Application, a guide to creating an application, client libraries (such as PHP and Java), and Microsoft developer tools. Also Includes code samples and links to additional resources (e.g., FAQs, Open Source, Facebook Developer Wiki, a video of CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and more).
Facebook News
Provides developers and users with recent Facebook news (e.g., "Introducing Facebook Platform for Mobile"). Archived posts are available and recent news is listed on the right side of the news page.
Facebook Developer Platform FAQs
Provides user's FAQ (e.g., does the Facebook platform violate my privacy? And how can I get involved in coding?) and developer's FAQs. Discusses the Facebook API, API key, request limits and user sessions, API communication protocols and terms of service. Also includes other developer inquiries (e.g., does it cost anything to use the Facebook Platform? Where can I get help with the Facebook Platform?).

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Update :: October 22, 2018