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Facebook Developer Platform Resource Center

Facebook Developer Platform Facebook Monetization
Facebook Monetization of Apps
Blog Entry: "Facebook Monetization of Apps: Peanut Labs for Facebook," by Rodney Rumford of FaceReviews. Blog post and video interview discuss ways Facebook application owners make money. Includes an interview with about their monetization technique (users fill out a survey to earn virtual currency). Discusses other applications that follow this solution and includes a five-minute video with the founders of Peanut Labs who discuss how their monetization strategy works (e.g., incentivizing users to take surveys with virtual currency, gifts, etc.), and how it attracts and reengages users.
Application Monetization
Video: "Talking Monetization with Romney Rumford," by Teresa Valdez Klein of Web Community Forum. Six-minute interview with Romney Rumford, of Discusses the Community Next conference, in which monetization was extensively covered. Provides his insight into application development, including user experience, monetization, CPM models, and companies available to help you monetize your application. Includes monetization recommendations, the importance of building an application for user experience and discusses different types of apps (e.g., one-way applications that provide entertainment value and more sophisticated applications). Also discusses venture capitalists and boot strapping in terms of ROI, ownership and more.
Facebook App Channel and AdBrite
Article: "Facebook App Channel, Brought to You By AdBrite," by the Editor of adotas. Discusses AdBrite's announcement of the Facebook App Channel—the first transparent marketplace for advertising on Facebook applications. Discusses Facebook's ecosystem and AdBrite's expertise in assisting web developers in monetizing their work. Explains AdBrite's App Channel and more.

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Update :: October 18, 2018