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Facebook Developer Platform Resource Center

Facebook Developer Platform Conferences
Community Building in the Age of Facebook
Information on the 2007 Web Community Forum in Seattle, Washington. Topics—discusses the best practices for community building for business, marketing, political campaigns and other professional efforts using the Facebook platform. Discussions include contextual and targeted advertising opportunities, word of mouth and viral growth using the News Feed and widgets, demographics and trend data of Facebook, Facebook's value, which apps are successful, managing your professional relationship on Facebook, optimal layout for a canvas page, and more.
Community Next
Event on social network Platforms and APIs. Topics include guidelines for developing successful apps, case studies from the top developers, how to drive viral growth through design, metrics and strategy, how to make money from ad networks and affiliates, building communities on Facebook, scalable integration and more. Speakers include Jia Shen of RockYou, Keith Rabois of Slide, Chris Conway of Trulia and many others. Guests include entrepreneurs, developers, marketers and developers of the top 100 Facebook applications.
Graphing Social Patterns
Information on the 2007 Graphing Social Patterns: The Business and Technology of Facebook conference for developers and marketers. Topics cover building and distributing apps for the Facebook Platform. Includes information on reaching communities using social networking platforms and applications for business professionals and technical developers. Speakers include Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land, Dave Morin of Facebook, Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly Media, Michael Arrington of TechCrunch, Keith Rabois of and many others. Provides resources, including slides, videos, news, a link to the Graphing Social Patters blog and more.

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Update :: October 16, 2018