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Facebook Developer Platform Resource Center

Facebook Developer Platform Blogs
PHP Pagination for Facebook Applications
Blog Entry: "PHP Pagination for Facebook Applications," from Ascanio Collonna di Paliano. Information and developer tips on a PHP 4 compliant function, including how to use it, the source and more. Also discusses CSS (e.g., the application runs without CSS).
The Unofficial Facebook Blog
Blog covers all news associated with Facebook, including developer issues, applications, business, conferences, advertising, competitor news (e.g., the OpenSocial) and more. Also includes the top rated apps based on a five-star rating.
Step-by-Step Walkthrough of Facebook APIs
Blog Entry: "Application Technical Overview," by Ryan LeFevre of urPics Developer Blog. Provides source code and a step-by-step walkthrough of the Facebook API. Includes login information, storing information, calling methods from Facebook, adding images to URL, and more.
Getting Started with Facebook Application Developm
Blog Entry: "Getting Started with Facebook Application Development," by Joey deVilla of Tucows. Discusses how to write a Facebook application using PHP 5. Includes what you'll need to set up the application (e.g., a server running PHP 5 and Facebook's PHP client library code), Facebook application's background information (e.g., how Facebook applies the callback action with third party applications), and more. Also includes a step-by-step setup guide, the key to Facebook API and code.

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Update :: October 18, 2018