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Computer Games Resource Center

Need Driven AI
Article entitled, “Need Driven AI,” discusses the idea of behaviourism—reacting to external stimuli.
Terrain Reasoning for 3D Action Games
Paper entitled, “Terrain Reasoning for 3D Action Games.”
Artificial Intelligence in Games
Article entitled, “Artificial Intelligence in Games,” covers intelligence amplification, psychological transparence, local control optimization, emergent tactics, machine learning and behaviour cloning, methodology, game AI on the players’ side, force-based unit movement, simulated worlds and more.
Tutorial: An Introduction to Memetic Theory
Tutorial entitled, “An Introduction to Memetic Theory,” describes memes (learned behaviors and actions) and the Memetic Artificial Intelligence Toolkit for game developers.
AI in Computer Games
Article entitled, “AI in Computer Games.”
Artificial Intelligence in Game Design
Article entitled, “Artificial Intelligence in Game Design,” covers combat-oriented artificial intelligence.”
Computer Game Artificial Intelligence FAQ
Computer Game Artificial Intelligence FAQ includes answers to questions, source code, a glossary and more.

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Update :: January 20, 2020