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Code Search Engines and Code Sites Resource Center

Welcome to the Code Search Engines and Code Sites Resource Center, which includes resources developers use to find source code online. We've all enjoyed using search engines, but many of us haven't used search engines to help us find the software pieces we need to build systems, implement projects, and learn new technologies. This Resource Center includes the search engines that help you find the pieces of code that you need, open source code sites that contain the complete projects and code pieces you're looking for, and sites like that help you find the best source code search engines and code sites. In the Code Search Engines and Code Sites Resource Center you'll find:

  • A comparison of source code search engines including,, Koders, ByteMyCode, Planet Code, and O'Reilly Search. Includes a chart that lists the source code search sites, the languages supported by each, its content (lines of code), and general comments about each site.
  • The article entitled, "Here comes a Google for Coders," by Dylan Tweney, that discusses the launch of the Krugle code search engine that searches open source code repositories including Sourceforge, etc.
    Codefetch's list of the top 10 most popular code downloads.
  • The JSourcery search engine that searches the Javadocs. Use it to search all of the Java libraries, constructs and more.
  • Over 100,000 open source software projects on SourceForge—the world's largest open source software development site. You'll also find information registration information so that you can create and share open source applications on the site.
  • Tools for adding code search functionality to your web pages.
  • Information on how to add your projects to the various source code search engines to make your code available to other developers.
  • Forums where you can chat with other developers about search strategies, using the various source code search engines, and more.
  • Source code search engines including Koders, Google Code Search, Codefetch, Ucodit, Codease, Merobase, OpenGrok and O'Reilly Code Search.
  • Source code sites including Microsoft's Shared Source Initiative, Freshmeat, Sourceforge and GotDotNet.
    Koders tools available for download including desktop IDE plug-ins, Mozilla Firefox search plug-ins, source code search capabilities for your site. You'll also learn how to integrate Koders source code search into your applications.
  • The Google Code FAQ where you'll learn about the code that is searched, programming languages included, how to search, restricting your searches, and adding your own code to Google Code Search.
  • The Codease help page where you'll learn how the site works and how to search for method calls, method definitions, class definitions, class fields, variables, field references and free text.
  • Alphabetical lists of the Linux/UNIX APIs, Windows APIs, and Java packages and classes that can be searched on Codease.
  • Instructions for using the Merobase Query Language on the Merobase search engine for name-based queries, text-based queries, function-oriented queries, object-oriented queries, to access Web services and more.
  • The blog from Colin Atkinson, Chief Scientist at Metronics, who discusses developments in Merobase and Metronics technologies.
  • Merobase downloads including plugins for popular IDEs and browsers.
  • Microsoft Shared Source Initiative case studies that show how developers and organization are participating in the Microsoft Shared Source Initiative.
  • The blog of Jason Mutsow, Director of the Microsoft Shared Source Initiative.
    The article entitled, "Microsoft and Open Source."
  • The gallery of .NET projects on GotDotNet.
  • GotDotNet RSS feeds that keep you up-to-date with the latest additions to the GotDotNet site.
  • The latest programming jobs from on every page.

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Update :: January 22, 2020