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Microsoft Shared Source Initiative
Deitel Microsoft Resource Centers
Check out the following Deitel Resource Centers on Microsoft technologies:
Windows CE Shared Source Licensing Program
Learn about the Windows CE Shared Source licensing program.
Microsoft Shared Source Initiative Blog
Check out the blog of Jason Mutsow, Director of the Microsoft Shared Source Initiative.
Shared Source Initiative Case Studies
Check out these case studies to learn how developers and organization are participating in the Microsoft Shared Source Initiative. Case studies include "Shared Source Leads to Internationally Successful DotNetNuke Open Source Project," "Server Manufacturer Egenera Saves Time and Money Building Installation Packages," and "LandMARC Success for Lancaster University: The Contribution of Mobile IPv6 Source Code to Microsoft Windows Server and Windows CE .NET."
Microsoft Shared Source Initiative FAQ
Microsoft Shared Source Initiative FAQ.
Microsoft Shared Source Licenses Overview
Overview of the Microsoft Shared Source Licenses. The Microsoft Permissive License (Ms-PL) is the least restrictive and allows you to view, modify, and redistribute source code for commercial and non-commercial use, for free or for a fee. The Microsoft Community License (Ms-CL) is typically used for collaborative projects and requires licensees to combine Ms-CL code with the licensee’s original code. It is available for non-commercial and commercialpurposes. Finally, the Microsoft Reference License (Ms-RL)is a reference-only license that allows you to view source code to understand how a technology works, but does not allow you to modify or distribute the code.
Microsoft's Shared Source Initiative
Learn more about Microsoft's Shared Source Initiative in which the company is sharing source code with developers, customers, organizations and others.
Open Source C# Projects and Tools
Extensive list of open source C# projects and tools.
Microsoft and Open Source
Article: "Microsoft and Open Source." Topics include the software ecosystem, open source software model, commercial open source software, and Microsoft and open source software.

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