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Krugle Source Code Search
Review of Krugle Code Search Engine
Article: "Pickaxes and Shovels, Part II: Krugle," by Matt Asay. Provides a review of the Krugle code search engine and a walkthrough of its features.
Wikipedia Entry for Krugle
Wikipedia entry for Krugle includes a brief description of the service and links to some of the competitors.
Krugle Blog
Check out the Krugle blog for the latest Krugle news, developments, tips for using the Krugle source code search, discussions about competitive source code search tools and more.
Here Comes a Google for Coders,70219-0.html
Article: "Here Comes a Google for Coders," by Dylan Tweney. Discusses the launch of the Krugle code search engine that searches open source code repositories including Sourceforge, etc.
Krugle Search Engine
Krugle is a search engine for source code and technical content. Click the Code tab to search for source code by keyword. You can also specify a particular programming language and area (such as comments, source code, function definition, function call, or class definition). Click the Tech Pages tab to search for code documentation, discussion forums, and knowledge base information. Click the Projects tab to search for open source projects.

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