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Koders Source Code Search
Adding a Project to Koders
Add your project to the Koders source code search to make your code available to other developers.
Koders Blog
Get the latest news and developments in the Koders blog.
Koders Source Code Search
Contact Koders to learn how you can integrate Koders source code search into your applications.
Koders Downloads
Check out the Koders downloads including plugins for the desktop IDE, Eclipse, Visual Studio .NET 2005, Visual Studio .NET 2003, and Mozilla Firefox Search. Also find downloads that will enable you to add Koders source code search to your web site.
Koders Tools
Koders tools available for download include desktop IDE plug-ins, Mozilla Firefox search plug-in (available in multiple computer languages), source code search capabilities for your site (standard, vertical-extended, vertical-basic, or project searches), and information on how to integrate searches into your applications.
Koders Developer Subscription
Sign up for a free developer subscription to Koders. They also offer a fee-based professional subscription that offers unrestricted smart searches and eligibility for the beta software programs.
Koders Getting Started Guide
Read this brief getting started guide for using Koders to search for open source code.
Koders Resources
Learn about the Koders search engine, the Koders Enterprise Edition, job opportunities at Koders, the Koders Data Sheet and the Koders IDE Plugins Data Sheet.
Open Source Code Search
Use the Koders search engine to find open source code. Narrow your search by selecting a specific programming language and license.

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Update :: December 12, 2019