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Codefetch Source Code Search
Codefetch Terms of Service
Codefetch Terms of Service. Topics covered include content linked to by Codefetch, personal use, automated query, privacy policy, disclaimer and warranties, and miscellaneous provisions.
Codefetch FAQs
Find answers to some of the questions posted to Codefetch through the user forums. Additional comments are encouraged from users.
Codefetch Testimonials
Codefetch Testimonials. Read what other users are saying about Codefetch.
Codefetch Blog
The Codefetch blog where you can read about new features on Codefetch, announcements about the different computer languages and some answers to frequently asked questions about some of the computer languages. links are available to older blogs.
Codefetch Tools
Codefetch tools for putting the Codefetch search on a web page. There are 2 styles available for the search box and a listing of the Codefetch codes for the different computer languages.
Codefetch's Popular Page
Codefetch's Popular page lists the top 12 computer languages by the percentage of inquiries they receive at the site. A chart also lists the various computer languages and the 10 most popular code downloads.
Codefetch's Mission
The About Codefetch tells you about its mission, how publishers and authors can contact them, and where to send suggestions.
Codefetch's Search Site Home Page
Codefetch's search site home page. Codefetch allows you to search for code that appears in programming books. Programming language code that you can select include C, C++, C#, Delphi Pascal, Java, Objective-C Cocoa, Python, Ruby/Rails, Cold Fusion, Flash ActionScript, HTML/CSS, JavaScript/Ajax, JSP/JSTL,JSF, Perl, PHP, Ant, Apache Configuration, AppleScript, SQL, Unix/Shell, XML-Schema, and XSLT/XPATH. Dots (either in gray or blue) preceding each language indicate if there is some code (.), more code (...), API help, or API help links embedded in code.

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Update :: December 12, 2019