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Code Search Engines and Code Sites Resource Center


Here Comes a Google for Coders,70219-0.html
Article: "Here Comes a Google for Coders," by Dylan Tweney. Discusses Krugle the open source code search engine that indexes both code and documentation. Currently programmers have access to over 100 million pages indexed pages.
Using Lucene to Search Java Source Code
Article: "Using Lucene to Search Java Source Code," by Renuka Sindhgatta. Discusses indexing text in Lucene, analyzing text being indexed, searching indexes, source code search engine, writing a code analyzer, writing a JavaSourceCode indexer, and querying Java source code.
Source Code Needs a Place to Stay
Article: "Source Code Needs a Place to Stay," by David A. Utter. Discusses some of the source code search sites including Koders, C Source Search, and the Code Project. Includes a brief description of each source code search engine.

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Update :: December 12, 2019