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Cloud Computing Resource Center
Cloud Computing Google
Welcome to the Internet Cloud
Article: “The Information Factories: The Desktop is Dead. Welcome to the Internet Cloud, Where Massive Facilities Across the Globe Will Store All the Data You'll Ever Use,” by George Gilder. Discusses optical networks, the Internet, petacomputing, remote data centers, recentralized computing architectures, cloud computing (examples include Google Gmail, Maps, Yahoo’s services and eBay services), and the costs of running huge data centers.
Google and the Wisdom of the Clouds
Article: “Google and the Wisdom of the Clouds,” by Stephen Baker. Discusses what cloud computing is, how Google uses cloud computing, Google 101 (programming at the scale of a cloud), what the Google cloud is, what the cloud is made up of, how information is handled, the opportunities for small companies and entrepreneurs, cloud computing at Amazon and Yahoo, cloud search and hardware tools, MapReduce, Hadoop (an open source version of MapReduce), and the joint venture with IBM Google 101.
Google’s Cloud Looms Large
Article: “Google’s Cloud Looms Large: How Might Expanding Google’s Cloud Computing Service Alter the Digital World?” by Kate Greene. Discusses Google’s cloud computing services (including Google Calendar, YouTube, Gmail and Google Docs), Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (see our Amazon Web Services Resource center), why Google is positioned for cloud computing, mobile devices (the Android platform), security and privacy issues, and copyright ramifications.
Google Puts Software Online
Article: “Get Out of My Life You Piece of Technojunk,” by John Arlidge. Discusses cloud computing and how it works, companies who practice cloud computing, the advantages of cloud computing, Google Docs features, security concerns and hardware.
How the Google-Apple Cloud Computer Will Work
Article: “How the Google-Apple Cloud Computer Will Work,” by Chris Pollette. Discusses what cloud computing is and how it works, Google Docs (a web-based suite of applications), hosted services, why Google is interested in creating cloud computing, the features of a Google-Apple cloud computing network, and other cloud candidates.

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